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Property Development Consultancy

We have been working with Monapart for several years now, both in individual renovation projects and in multi-unit developments. We have been impressed on each occasion with their professional approach both in laying out the strategy and the use of professional support in the marketing campaign. They are professional, meticulous and extremely prompt during the whole campaign, with regular updates and liaising throughout. We have no hesitation in recommending Monapart to any prospective vendor or developer.

Brendhan StoweCEO Casas Lautes

Having a quality real estate development only gets you halfway nowadays. Having a specific marketing and sales strategy is essential so that those looking for your homes find them, fall in love with them, and want to buy them before anyone else. Optimize your resources, distribute the tasks among specialists, and let Monapart take charge of this other half.

What do we do to maximise the profitability of your developments?

From the outset

  • A study of the area and the development of reports to help you to take the BEST LAND PURCHASE DECISION.
  • PROFOUND ANALYSIS - both quantitative and qualitative - of the localised demand to help you define the OPTIMAL TYPOLOGICAL MIX for the development.
  • Development of a DETAILED AND PRECISE DESIGN BRIEFING which allows the architectural team to design a proposal which is in line with the commercial objectives of the development.

Before marketing

  • Development of a BRANDING PROPOSAL for the promotion to transmit your value proposition in an effective way, whilst also simultaneously strengthening the image of the developing company.
  • The design and production of COMMUNICATION MATERIALS for the development, both online and offline: Texts, images, posters, dossiers, flyers, banners, microsite, virtual viewings etc.

During marketing

  • The selection of an optimal MIX OF MARKETING CHANNELS to generate the highest number of buyer contacts in the shortest time possible.
  • Real time process of ANALYSIS AND REPORTING so that you know the sales status of the development at all times.
  • The marketing is left to a RESPONSIBLE and INVOLVED COMMERCIAL TEAM who have more than enough knowledge of the market to meet the purchasing target that we have foreseen.

After marketing

  • A POST-SALES FOLLOW-UP to find out the level of satisfaction of the buyer-resident and to apply improvements to future developments.
  • CONCLUSIONS and forensic analysis of the project as a whole to identify inefficiencies, errors, and options for improvement in the future.

Commitment to quality and compliance

  • A partner of the company will be appointed to be in charge of the marketing of the development for maximum control, coordination and direct supervision over all actions taken.
  • Specific training will be given to the commercial team so that they have the required level of knowledge of the development and can offer a maximum quality of service.
  • A continuous reporting plan will be agreed. To this end, Monapart will carry out the quantitative (metrics) and qualitative (detailed report of viewings) control of the “sales funnel”: contacts > viewings > 2a viewings > reservations.
  • From Monapart, information about all the campaigns, as well as digital and "physical" actions carried out will be sent punctually to the person assigned by the developer to monitor the deployment of the advertising/communication strategy.

Some numbers...

  • 4.9/5

    average score of +370 reviews on Google

  • +400

    properties sold since 2010

  • 80%

    of our customers comes to us by recommendation

  • +45.000

    subscribers to our monthly newsletter

  • 9.6

    score given by our clients in satisfaction surveys (2020)

  • +40.000

    followers among all our social networks

Our clients

  • Casas Lautes

    Casas Lautes

    Casas Lautes is a boutique developer whose unique homes enrich the Barcelona real estate scene. Monapart has been marketing its developments since 2018.

    Casas Lautes
  • Elix


    Elix Group hired Monapart in 2017 and 2018 to run its marketing and sales department in Barcelona and Madrid, and to outsource the rental management of the group’s properties, which we have been doing ever since.

  • Mahir Catalunia

    Mahir Catalunia

    Mahir is a construction company that has been around for over 50 years. It has been working in the Barcelona real estate scene since 2014, developing residential projects in charming neighbourhoods. Monapart has been handling its marketing since 2018.

    Mahir Catalunia
  • Pontejos Conservación y Preservación


    Pontejos is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the architectural heritage in Barcelona and Madrid and its homes, with an infinite number of details which make them unique, are ideal for lovers of architecture and homes with character. These homes have been marketed by Monapart since 2018.

    Pontejos Conservación y Preservación
  • Global Service 2005

    Global Service 2005

    Global Service 2005 is a responsible and transparent family property developer with more than 40 years of professional experience. They build neighbourhood homes for neighbourhood people. Monapart has been collaborating with them since 2017.

    Global Service 2005

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