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Single Family House with Garden and Pool in El Moralet

  • 304 m26 rooms5 bathrooms
  • El Moralet.Alicante


I think the connection between us was immediate. She’d found us through our bus campaign taking place nowadays in Alicante. As the conversation progressed, I think we both realized that our relationship was going to be inevitable. She started telling me how special this house was to her, describing to me every single detail. And that now had come the time to sell it and that she did not want to partner with a conventional real estate company. So I started explaining our philosophy to her. Our know-how and why she had to choose Monapart as her real estate agency. Because we are everything but conventional.  

At the end, we were reciprocally finishing our sentences. And smiling for that brand new complicity, we realized that our suspicions ended right there, because, in fact, our relationship was inevitable.