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An urban penthouse renovated maintaining its original features

  • 93 m22 rooms2 bathrooms
  • Barcelona

The city is not for me

Being from a small town and having spent years in an even smaller town, the idea of moving to Barcelona supposed, at the time, a slight conflict to my fragile spirit of provinces. I say slight because, in effect, there was no drama involved, and my feeling of being like Alfredo Landa reaching civilization with the chickens under his arm, ended dissipating within a few days. Because in the end, this is nothing more than a set of people concentrated in a few kilometers. Even living in the middle of Ciutat Vella comes a time when tourists become invisible and you get to distinguish just the many familiar faces. And you stop to greet, to comment on how bad the actual economic crisis is, or how mild is the weather given that we are almost in December. As you see, all very cosmopolitan and very rustic at the same time.