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An urban design loft

  • 224 m22 rooms3 bathrooms
  • Sants - Montjuïc.Barcelona

All You Need is Loft

Lofts are not for everyone. A lot of us fill our mouths with the word, but in reality we need to limit our living space with walls, distributing our home with rooms, and feel protected under our den, from one corner to the other.

A loft is valid only for the brave who can live at ease, without marked trails, ready to change the layout of the furniture at will and walk naked through the house loft openly. What for some all this was left behind, for others it's a way of living and being, which in fact is pretty much the same. I would love a loft ... And in times of downturn, my mantra is this: All you need is loft. All you need is loft. All you need is ...