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A designed penthouse with nordic style

  • 60 m21 room1 bathroom
  • Barcelona

A day in the Raval

In his book Species of Spaces, George Perec says that the concept of neighborhood is actually a rather amorphous one. And I immediately think of Raval as a great example of this statement. A day in the Raval always sees newcomers cross path with old time fellas. English tourists sweating watery-sangria with pink Swedish ladies allergic to sunscreen. Shop owners, the dairies, the all-for-1€ stores, the smugglers, and all the delis opened on Sundays (Ah, the delis… If it were not for them, most Sundays we would be forced into an involuntary fast ...). Anyway, as the poet endorses: "Here it shines the beauty of a bombshell beside the old woman’s dirty hair who’s throwing out on the sidewalk."