Monapart Madrid_Chamberí

Nieves is now from Madrid, but from Almeria by birth. She does not cook, but her chicken a la andaluza is sublime. She reads with relish, but maintains an intimate relationship with the cinema. Nieves may fool you, as she looks like something else –always good stuff– just like Chamberí and Salamanca, two districts with typical Madridian grace, but which are the most Frenchy in Madrid. With the best homes in the city, but with an increasing presence of professional firms and investment boutiques; planned by and for the Madrid bourgeoisie and aristocracy, but now coveted by the rich of half the world.

For Monapart, it feels like a rush to open business in these two Madrid districts, where one feels proud to say “I live here”. Because, let's face it, saying "I am from Chamberí" makes you seem at least, higher and more elegant...



  • Club 567

    Club 567

    Club 567 lodges our nest in Madrid_Chamberí. A space for work and meeting of professionals and entrepreneurs in a creative and dynamic environment.
  • Logo Grupo Inviam

    Grupo Inviam

    Rental service of security boxes to store documents and valuables. Special discounts for customers of Monapart Madrid_Chamberí.
  • Becara

    Company with more than 50 years of history dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of furniture, decorative items, textiles and antiques.
  • ACC Coaching Inmobiliario

    ACC - Coaching Inmobiliario

    Our Personal Shopper service includes a coaching session by Antonia Caballero, so you can look for your future home in a thoughtful way, with conviction, and adjusted to what you really need.