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The fact that the founding partner of Monapart Madrid was born in Melilla, but now lives here, intimately connects her with the origin of this city, founded in the mid-ninth century by Muhammad I, Emir of Cordoba. That's a fact!

Madrid Centro is the oldest district of Spain's capital, and we believe that this is the most beautiful part of the city, where neighborhoods with wonderful names like Justicia (Justice), Universidad (University) and Sol (Sun), are home to one of the world's largest concentrations of sublime art galleries, theaters, the largest LGBT community in the country, and a flea market -El Rastro- that is a joy.

For the 131,165 inhabitants living in one of the 63,622 households in this neighborhood, Monapart Madrid is now the home for them all.



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    Monapart Madrid has its headquarters in this coworking in the neighborhood of Chueca. An ideal and carefully designed space to sharpen the creativity and be more productive while working.