Monapart Girona

The fact that Monapart were not present in one of the most beautiful cities –probably the prettiest- of Catalonia, was something that gave us many sleepless nights. But quite often, good things come to those who wait, as secret love affairs that remain hidden for years ...

When we met Josep Maria, he knew us already, and maybe –only maybe- he visualized Monapart Girona as the ideal partnership for INCOVI, a sustainable house developing company that he founded years ago.

Today we are finally together, and we cannot imagine a better partnership to convert Monapart Girona in the natural destiny of the most unique and beautiful dwellings of this city.


What our clients say

  • Monapart offers a personalized and professional customer service that has communicated the warmth of our apartment from the very first moment.

    Myrte & Josep M. Teachers

  • We appreciate the warm and transparent customer service by Monapart, so the sale of our house has been much easier.

    Jèssica Paz & Marc CarrerasLawyer and Engineer

  • They get involved so much that they fulfill your goals, and become the perfect partner, taking care of the details and being effective.

    Mariona and MarcTeacher and Businessman


  • Incovi


    Incovi is the flip side of Monapart Girona. The Girona company specializing in the construction of efficient and sustainable housing, needed a commercial arm. In Monapart has found its ideal partner.
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    Costa Activa

    To give maximum visibility to the #beautifulhomes we have for sale, we collaborate with the portal Costa Activa, the largest housing marketing specialist in international markets.

    Costa Activa
  • Col·legi i Registre d'Agents de la Propietat Immobiliària

    Col·legi i Registre d'Agents de la Propietat Immobiliària

    Monapart is a member of Professional Real Estate Agents Organization API, with over 2.000 members registered in the Catalan government's Estate Agents Register, being the largest real estate agents association in Catalonia with more than 60 years of existence.