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About us

Monapart is a real estate company founded in 2010. Our mission is that the most beautiful and special homes change hands easily, joyously and by the book.

We live up to the responsibility of helping people on the adventure of buying, selling or renting a home. Therefore, all our agents know that customers are more important than sales, and that honesty is nonnegotiable.

We want our real estate task to be accompanied by the most interesting people and initiatives occurring within / above / below / in front of / near the homes we sell or rent, so in addition to dwellings, we talk about many other things. And so we learn, we believe, we laugh, we collaborate, and we lead the way, so that after us real estate will never be the same again.

Now, let's say that you want to sell, buy or rent a home. What do you expect from the person who would be guiding you through the entire process? What should she/he be knowledgeble about? How should she/he behave? How would you like to feel by her/his side? 

At Monapart we don't sell or rent homes in which we ourselves would not live in. Likewise, we just surround ourselves with people who offer the best of themselves, always and to everyone. These are the ones:



  • Jaime Arribas, community manager en Monapart

    Jaime Arribas

    Community Manager

    Jaime was born in Valladolid, studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, as an Erasmus went to Lapland, and now lives in Barcelona, where he is sometimes called Jaume. With so much journey, not surprising that he speaks six languages! He also studied Performing Arts and Music; he loves opera and Yoko Ono.

    He is full of surprises, and once he went to a store to buy a guitar and came out with an accordion. If one day he decides to get a tattoo, most probably it would be the Hanging Houses of Cuenca. He is addicted to cheese and salty licorice, and whenever possible, he escapes to the countryside.

  • Jaume Porto

    Jaume Porto

    Marketing and Franchise Assistant

    Jaume says that a good approach to everything you set out to undertake in this life, is that it must be different, consistent, and of quality. And that's just what has brought him to Monapart.

    He has a degree in Journalism, a master's degree in Graphic Communication, and has worked as a graphic designer and marketer for the real estate sector for several years, many in Panama. But Jaume, in fact, has the soul of a musician ... Autobahn by Kraftwerk marks a before and after, and at 25 he bought his first piano, which he loves, but also fights with quite often.

    He is a Barca follower because his grandfather wanted him to be one.

  • Olga Sala, Socia y Directora de Marketing en Monapart

    Olga Sala

    Founding Partner. Marketing Director. Franchise Management

    Olga has a Law Degree, but she is an editor by profession, a bookstore owner by vocation, and an entrepreneur in what she undertakes. She studied music for over 10 years and has the determination of resume her studies. Also to practice yoga, sew her own clothes, read the entire literary canon, travel around the world, and spend more time with her two sons and her husband. Yes, of course.

    On rainy days, "La Sala" has the unusual habit of taking a bath, eat fried eggs and listen to Nina Simone. Would she live in London she would deffinitely have cholesterol problems ... She never says no to a cocktail and she permanently lives in a New York State of Mind.


Monapart Albacete

  • Juan Carlos Alfaro - Monapart Albacete

    Juan Carlos Alfaro

    Partner and Director

    As a real estate agent, it is essential to be a truly social-type, to have listening skills, empathy, optimism, and a point of madness. Juan Carlos has everything. He is a good-natured, easy-going and honest man from Castile. Like a Sancho Panza of the 21st century but with a touch of Quixote.

    He's a tireless worker, but he also runs, travels, takes English classes, and keeps nourishing himself. Through books, radio, docs, music, TV series, and traveling a lot. Although... nowhere like home. In a town in La Mancha, whose name I do not wish to recall...


Monapart Alicante

  • Arantxa Bernabeu

    Arantxa Bernabeu

    Rentals Department Manager

    There are not many people who can say that they have made a horse route through the Alpujarras for a week. It hurts just by writing it. But Arantxa not only has done this... She is also fond of skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping and other risky sports. Well, she is not the quiet type of girl.

    She has always worked in the front office, which goes a lot with her extroverted and cheerful character. Some still remember her screaming during the U2 concert on their The Joshua Tree tour. An album that she listens to over and over again and that her two treasures, Germán and Marta, known already by heart.

  • Elena Gil

    Real Estate Consultant in Playa de San Juan

    Elena is pure nerve and fears nothing. Bam! But so is she, entrepreneur and curious with life. As a child she spent the day singing and years later, she went to England for 4 months and ended up staying for 4 years ... She devours books, goes to the cinema whenever she can, sings in a choir, plays the piano and reads the newspapers every single morning. She says she suffers addiction to the news, so she meditates and tries to control herself ...

    She has always been linked to sales, selling from air travel tickets to radio spots. A few years ago she decided to start a carreer in the real estate sector, and now Monapart Alicante is lucky to haveher on board. Bam!

  • Lola Rubio_Monapart Alicante

    Lola Rubio


    Lola was born on a Saturday in 1976, and in the United States, You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees was on the top lists. In addition, Grease is one of her favorite movies, so, Lola is a really groovy one (and her two children, Angel and Carla, are delighted with it, of course). But she also likes quieter activities, all those involving creativity and manual work (DIY, crafts, painting, hairdressing, cooking ...).

    She graduated in Labour Relations at the University of Alicante, and in her career has stood out for her business and management skills.

    She has been singing in a choir for 12 years.

  • Veronica Iborra - Monapart Alicante

    Verónica Iborra

    Real Estate Consultant

    In life you have to be proactive, and when that translates to beautify your environment and help others, Veronica knows quite something. She studied Computer Engineering, but that did not quite fit; then she set up her own NGO to support artisans in the world, but that did not work either... Vero knows that mistakes are always new opportunities, and between one thing and another, life brought her a child, and the decision to go back to her beloved Alicantinean sea.

    She is an expert in home staging for real estate. Veronica knows how to transform an empty space in a ready-to-be-lived home. And after more than 10 years working alone, she has now found her own home in Monapart.

  • Víctor M. Hernández, socio de Monapart Alicante

    Víctor M. Hernández

    Partner and Director

    Victor has spent the last 20 years as a Technical Architect and a Building Engineer, although he would not have minded being a Psychologist. Nothing escapes his eyes, always scrutinizing and analyzing what goes around ... It's not surprising that his favorite books are The Lord of the Flies by William Golding and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Anyway, he thinks too much, except when he is listening to music, playing tennis, relaxing with yoga, practicing meditation or walking to Togo, his dog.

    In his future plans is spending more time with his family, and learn to play the guitar and the flamenco drawer.


Monapart Barcelona

  • Ana Campderrich - Street Agent Monapart Barcelona

    Ana Campderrich

    Street Agent

    Ana is pure rock-n-roll. Her motto in life is to be happy and make others happy. And everyone who has the good fortune to have her close, knows that in that, she surpasses many.

    She gets up every day at dusk to go running, because she says that this is how she digests her worries. But not everything is running ... Ana has done classes in bachata, swing, country, salsa ... And this year begins tap lessons.

    This restless and vital spirit runs the streets of Barcelona to help you find the house of your dreams. If you find her, call her Campderrock.

  • Blanca Guiral, alquileres Barcelona

    Blanca Guiral

    Coordination and Contracts. Rentals Department

    Blanca is a lawyer with an extensive background in real estate. But unlike the "typical lawyer," she has nothing boring and gray. In fact she is a redhead ;D. She loves colors and everything that has to do with painting, illustration, design, decoration, fashion, cinema ... Speaking of cinema, her favorite movie is Denys Arcand's Les invasions barbares, a comedy-tinged drama that won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2004.

    Where she is happiest is underwater, and watching fishes swimming, drives all her evils away. But if you sing to her "City of stars, are you shining just for me", makes the same effect.

  • Eduard Solé

    Eduard Solé

    Founding partner. Director of the Rental and Property Management Department

    Eduard Solé has a degree in Communication Sciences and holds an MBA from ESADE. He spends his days talking on the phone, but he has so many hobbies that it is hard for him to accept that there is no time for everything (he runs regularly, but also cooks, writes songs, reads, does yoga, plays ping pong ...).

    He is an entrepreneur, idealistic, and, as he acknowledges, a daredevil. So that, when he is older, he dreams of traveling to remote places, and live unlikely adventures worthy of Indiana Jones. Although quite moody, let’s not forget that he was raised in drylands.

  • Fabian Ostrovsky, asesor inmobiliario Monapart Barcelona

    Fabián Ostrovsky

    Real Estate Agent

    Fabian is Argentinian, and just on the day of his birth, there were municipal elections in a convulsive political context. By contrast, he is a very calm dude, and he is always in good vibes.

    He is an Architect and has worked both in collaboration and in his own office, mainly dedicated to building rehabilitation. He has been a real estate consultant for some years now, and he is great at it because he deserves the confidence he inspires. Which is a lot.

    When he does not work, you will see him walking along the beach of Barcelona or swimming in good weather. That, of course, if there is no Barça match.

  • Monapart Barcelona Guido Giscombe _ alquileres

    Guido Giscombe

    Production. Rentals Department

    Guido was born in the United Kingdom, of British-Panamanian origin. He grew up in Madrid until he was 16, although he spent two years in Palencia (where cold was invented!) playing volleyball in the national team sub19. He graduated as an Architect in ETSAM, and has worked in many cities: Madrid, Lisbon, Canary Islands, London, Panama, Moscow ... and since 2012 in Barcelona, a city that has seen its two children grow up.

    Guidín (an ironic nickname because he is very tall) loves the beach, and whenever he can, he goes to the Barceloneta to skate to the rhythm of Cuban salsa and tropical house. He also practices yoga, reads and goes to live music venues. Rolling Stones' Tattoo You is his all-time fav LP.

  • Hernán Díaz, Asesor inmobiliario en Barcelona

    Hernán Díaz

    Real Estate Agent

    After graduating in Foreign Trade, and as a Senior Customs Technician, Hernán worked as a financial commercial for a decade, but one day he felt the call of the real estate sector (alas that call!) and graduated as a Real Estate Broker, to then open his own agency in Argentina, where he is from, by the way.

    He was born in Rosario, loves reggae, is a fan of the Newell’s Old Boys, and LOVES football. All this Messi also has, but do not get lost ... Because if you want to sell your house, pass the ball to Hernán, who will not fail the goal.

  • Ingrid Anguera

    Billing and Administration

    Ingrid is fascinated by interior design since she was a child, because she could not help but sneak in all the apartments that were under construction. It was written that she had to study decoration and interior design, and that her life would always be linked to the world of the home.

    In her spare time, she takes long walks in the mountains, where she skis in the winter months. But she also reads, cooks, listens to music and watches movies. She confesses us that she cannot avoid to eat her daughter’s candies, and although she hides them very well, Ingrid always ends up finding them...

  • José Luis Echeverría, Socio y Director de Monapart

    José Luis Echeverría

    Founding Partner. Sales Director

    Architect, Urban Planner and MBA from ESADE, José Luis says he has never done anything as well as playing as a football goalkeeper. But, listen, being one of Monapart’s founding partners is not bad either ...

    He has no hobbies, and he spends his little spare time with family and friends, with whom he plays football every Monday (and they call him Monsignor ?). Among his future dreams, there are: learn how to climb, go jogging twice a week, write a book of poetry, invent new business, and start a school for alternative education. He is obviously an optimist.

  • Laia Roviras, fotógrafa en Monapart

    Laia Roviras

    Photographer and Home Stylist

    When someone is said to have an "educated eye" it is because she may have studied product design in Eina, photography at the prestigious Saint Martins in London, or because she comes from a family with a looong background in the design world. 

    Laia is the youngest of five siblings, and as a child, her favorite game was tidying things up. A precursor of the Konmari method! So, to the "educated eye" let's add "order fanatic", and we will have the perfect real estate photographer and home stylist that Monapart Barcelona could find.

  • Montse Pla, agente inmobiliario en Monapart Barcelona

    Montse Pla

    Real Estate Consultant

    If Montse wasn’t an Architect, most probably she would devote to one of her two passions: shoes or carpentry. Such a rare combination, right? At least, for the first one we have an explanation: Since she saw The Wizard of Oz she has never stopped thinking about those ruby splippers.

    Her curly red hair, her freckles, and her lively green eyes match perfectly with her personality: cheerful, bold, resolute. Mons is always in a good mood, especially in rainy days with a good crime novel in hand or watching Downton Abbey.

  • Oriol Esparza - Street Agent Monapart Barcelona

    Oriol Esparza

    Street Agent

    "When we try to be better than we are, everything around us also becomes better." This is one of the phrases of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Oriol's favorite book. Thanks to this book, Oriol learned the importance of meditating, dreaming, thoughtful thinking, and writing.

    This is his reflective facet ... But don't be fooled! Like a good Gemini, there is another crazy and extroverted Oriol. So much so, that he never says no to a good party, he has spent years learning the ins and outs of stock trading, and he loves practicing risk sports. And as risk is not lacking in the real estate profession, he is the perfect Street Agent.

  • Patricia Bruno, ventas Barcelona

    Patricia Bruno

    Real Estate Agent

    Patrícia joins Monapart Barcelona's sales department after many years of commercial experience in the children's products sector. She graduated in ADE at Universitat de Barcelona, was an auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Samsung's Product Manager ... and perhaps she never suspected that she would end up in the real estate sector, but the truth is that she likes it and enjoys it.

    She lives alone with her three children and that hardly leaves her free time. From the little that she has, she dedicates it to learning to play the guitar, to practice water sports, dancing, yoga, going to the movies, listening to music and meeting with friends, her most precious treasure. They are the only ones that call her Pebe.


Monapart Girona

  • Cristina Zurutúzar

    Office Manager

    Some say that people from Bilbao are born wherever they please, and Cristina decided to be born there. Not everyone has that privilege ... She studied business and management, and she knows all the ins and outs of the real estate sector, where she has worked in for more than 20 years.

    She loves music, and has a quite eclectic taste, because she enjoys both Eres tú by Mocedades and September by Earth, Wind & Fire. And always always enjoys with Michael Jackson. Her hobbies are very varied too: running, swimming, cycling, painting, reading, going to the movies ... and cooking. Her family and friends say her quince and angel's hair are the best in the world. We will have to try them.

  • Josep Maria Coll

    Josep Maria Coll

    Partner and Director

    Being an Architect and with a master's degree in real estate studies, Josep Maria is passionate about sustainable, efficient and customized homes, and to them he has devoted a long professional career, from Invoci, his own company, and now also from Monapart Girona.

    When Pitu, as his family and friends call him, is not working, he loves to cook and enjoy a good wine, while Spain Again, the LP by Michel Camilo and Tomatito, sounds on the background. Great album. And then, to help digest all this food, he loves riding his bicycle while, of course, all along the way, he is mulling over how to improve the construction industry for a more efficient and sustainable one... And over and over.

  • Míriam Vidal

    Míriam Vidal

    Real Estate Consultant

    With a degree in Architecture by the ETSAB, and posgraduate in architecture and sustainability, Miriam has worked much of her career for private clients in the residential sector. So she knows quite well how to  listen, understand, and meet the expectations of her clients, which are very high when they have to do with the scenario of their lifes. She has done it for so many years from his own architecture studio, and now from Monapart Girona, very lucky to count with her.

    Who knows her well, says that Miriam has the virtue of always seeing the positive side of life. Surely, that is precisely what helps her getting up every day at 6am to take her dog for a walk ...


Monapart Madrid

  • Mariana Escandón, asesora inmobiliaria Monapart Madrid

    Mariana Escandón

    Real Estate Agent

    Mariana comes to join the Monapart Madrid team to add that much needed spicy dose to everything. And no kidding, 'cause as a good Mexican, she knows what spicy really means.

    She graduated in Mexico as an industrial designer, object design and furniture, and finally graduated in management and business administration in Universidad de Barcelona.

    Listening to The Fabulous Cadillacs always makes her smile, because it reminds her of one of the best stages of her life. She has been in Madrid for 10 years now, but whenever she can, she travels and practices outdoor sports; the more adrenaline they generate, the better (the spicy again ...).

  • Nieves Archilla, Monapart Madrid

    Nieves Archilla

    Partner and Director

    Bachelor in Journalism, with a Master's Degree in Marketing and Sales, and courses in Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, and Customer's Relationship Management, Nieves, Archi for her friends, has decided to leave behind a long career in advertising agencies, to open a Monapart agency in the districts of Chamberí and Salamanca in Madrid.

    An insatiable reader of historical novel, she is hooked on videos of home decor and furniture restoration. There is no weekend in which she does not go to the movies, and there is no Christmas in which she does not see Love Actually! And everything, always, seasoned with a good 70% cocoa dark chocolate. It makes sense...


Monapart Penedès

  • Anna Ibáñez_Monapart Penedès

    Anna Ibáñez

    Photography and Administration

    Anna grew up in a Pyrenean village with barely 80 inhabitants. Many urbanites would consider it almost a feat, but this gave Anna a very special way of seeing the world. That's probably why she's a photographer.

    She was hooked to books thanks to Harry Potter and since then she has not stopped: The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, The art of being normal ... Besides, she has an unusual technological curiosity, so all her friends ask her for the latest technology or ask her for help when their computer fails. 

    When she does not work she assembles Legos and is an avid collector of ANYTHING related to Les Tres Bessones.

  • Eva Puka

    Eva Puka

    Real Estate Consultant in Vilanova i la Geltrú and Cubelles

    Eva is a woman of the world. And it is not a saying. She speaks seven languages (seven!), two of them maternal. She was born in a city where different cultures coexist, that's why for her the world is a place full of nuances and she does not want to miss any of them.

    One day she undertook the Camino de Santiago and step by step she reached the Mediterranean, where she took root in the Penedes, for Eva "a land as good for the vine as for life". In Winter, she escapes to Hungary or Africa; in Spring to Andalusia; in Summer to Ukraine or North of Spain; and in Autumn, the Balearic Islands or Sicily are a must stop. Not bad, right?

  • Roberto Rambaudi

    Roberto Rambaudi

    Partner and Director

    In Calafell there is a guy from Torino. People greet him with affection in the street, perhaps because he trains their kids in the hockey team, perhaps because they have worked with him with pleasure and understanding in the past, or because they have trusted his bear hug to a solid "pinya" to raise a "tres de deu" with the Castellers de Vilafranca or because he sold them a house, and therefore a new life ...

    "If you build it, the people will come", but it will do so because leading from the rear, supporting the base, there will be him.

    Welcome to Monapart, Roberto Rambaudi.


Monapart Tarragona

  • María Avellanas_Monapart Tarragona

    María Avellanas

    Real Estate Agent

    A trip to Mallorca in the 90s. Dyed hair (we will not say from whom). Two couples and a child (today there are four kids). Go fast-forward and Maria joins Monapart team. It all sounds crazy, but everything is true... and very cool.

    With more than 20 years in the real estate sector, María is proactive, resolutive and committed. And she enjoys it! Not the couch-potato-kind-of-person. Because there are always things to do! A book, a TV series, or cook the hundredth tart Tatin of her life (the best on this side of the Mississippi). She transmits joy wherever she goes, and always sees the good side of things. And if these things are a little creepy, she's in!

  • Victòria Martí Bernadó - Monapart Tarragona

    Victòria Martí

    Partner and Director

    Vicky was born and raised in a small neighborhood, she spent the best summers of her life in a small village in Tarragona, and someday she will travel around the world with her husband and two children. She appreciates the small, but dreams big. As big as the blue sea that awakens her every morning, and where she practices kite surf whenever she has the chance.

    She has devoted her professional life to Architecture, and her passion for beautiful homes makes her devour thousands of homedecor magazines while sipping her world-famous caipiroskas.