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Un loft amb altell i caràcter industrial

  • 64 m21 habitació1 bany
  • Sarrià - Sant Gervasi.Barcelona

Red House

There's a Red House over yonder
That's where my baby stays
There's a Red House over yonder, baby
That's where my baby stays

Well, I ain't been home to see my baby,
in ninety nine and one half days.
'Bout time I see her,
Wait a minute something';s wrong here
The key won't unlock the door.

Wait a minute something's wrong baby,
Lord, have mercy, this key won't unlock this door,
something's goin' on here.
I have a bad bad feeling
that my baby don't live here no more.

That's all right, I still got my guitar
Look out now . . .

Fragmento de la letra de la canción Red House (1966) de The Jimi Hendrix Experience